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Meijer Holland meets individual needs

Klantspecifieke Jumbo CKM 2Klantspecifieke Jumbo CKM 2

Some time ago Agricultural contractor Tamminga from Harkstede (NL) announced its specific needs at Meijer Holland. The engineering department put the requirements on paper with the customized CKM 2 as a result. The CKM 2 which Agricultural contractor Tamminga used for moving wrapped bales is unique. The bale grab is namely extensible, as can be seen in the video, and has triangular grippers. 

''A system like this works more comfortably than the standard Jumbo CKM 2 of Meijer Holland. We are very pleased with the customer specific bale grab, which fits well with our JCB. It’s literally and figuratively twice as fast, which saves labor for other activities.’’

Do you also want a bale grab which meets your individual needs? Everything is possible at Meijer Holland.  

Klantspecifieke Jumbo CKM 2