Jumbo CKM 3

Product details
CategoryWrapped bales
Product groupGrabbing from top
NameJumbo CKM 3
Article numberMHCKM03

The Jumbo CKM 3 is designed for grabbing and transporting of 3 rectangular bales. This grab has 3 adjustable arms to take up the bale from top. The CKM 3 is provided with a hydraulic circuit, that is connected to the hydraulic system of your machine. 

  • the bales are grabbed over the width of the bale. The grab arms are telescopic and can be adjusted so that the 3 bales are put tight together (stroke of 70 cm)
  • provided with an electric valve to control the cylinder of the grab arms and the telescopic cylinders with the same valve of your machine
  • with hydraulic automatic valves and wheels to make it possible to pick up every single bale with only one hydraulic valve
  • the three bales are unloaded simultaneously  


Bale dimensions

  • 80 till 125 cm wide
  • 70 till 120 cm high
  • 160 cm long  


  • large capacity by processing 3 bales simultaneously
  • plastic lining in the telescopic parts to prevent wear
  • turning (red) roller on the 3 arms for the correct movement on the bale
  • no damages to the foil of the bales
  • a security valve will take care that the bales are being grabbed even when the oil pressure drops  

Technical specification

width 320 cm
height 115 cm
weight 800 kg
volume hydraulic circuit app. 10 litre
max. load 3 wrapped bales (l x w x h) = 160x125x120 cm
800 kg per bale
max. pressure hydraulic circuit 180 bar



  • removable brackets
  • 2 hydraulic hoses and couplings
    Standard with overpressure relief valve





Fred 3-4HD. We have expanded our delivery program with a heavy bale grab for the bulk of the work. Want to read more? Click here