Jumbo KK1

Product details
CategoryWrapped bales
Product groupGrabbing from the side
NameJumbo KK1
Article numberMHKK1

The Jumbo KK1 is the ideal grab for loading and unloading rectangular wrapped bales. This grab stands out because of its solid and compact design. It is equipped with 1 moving and 1 fixed grab arm and with a clamping range of 110 – 190 cm.

  • also suitable for round bales (>Ø 125 cm) weighing up to 500 kg
  • standard with Euro bracket (front loader)
  • a security valve makes sure that the bale won’t fall when the hydraulic pressure drops

Technical specifications

width 120 cm
height 155 cm
weight 255 kg
arm length 110 cm
volume hydraulic circuit app. 2 litre
max. load 1 bale of 500 kg
max. pressure hydraulic circuit 180 bar



Fred 3-4HD. We have expanded our delivery program with a heavy bale grab for the bulk of the work. Want to read more? Click here