Fred 2-3

Product details
CategoryBig bales
Product groupGrabbing and stacking
NameFred 2-3
Article numberMHFRED23

The Fred 2-3 is designed for using on a front loader, wheel loader, telescopic machine or crane. It can stack and transport 2 till 3 big straw or hay bales. The Fred 2-3 is provided with a hydraulic circuit that is connected to the hydraulic system of your machine. 

  • suitable for:
              > 2 bales of 90 cm high
              > 3 bales of 70 cm high
  • 6 hooks picking up the bale
  • 3 conical bushes for mounting the frontloader tine


  • Removable brackets
  • Removable frontloader tines with a length of 95 cm 
  • 2 Hydraulic hoses and couplings
  • 2 (red) telescopic beams on the side of the grab, holding the top bale (telescopic length 50 cm). When using 3 bales of 70 cm high, the red beams are required. 


  • All bales are being grabbed
  • The special developed hook of high quality steel turns deep into the bale and pulls this tight against the main frame
  • If the grab is tilted forwards, the bales will not fall off, thanks to the turning teeth

 Technical specification

width 168 cm
height 125 cm
weight 291 kg
volume hydraulic circuit app. 2 litre
max. load 2 bales (l x w x h) = 240x120x90 cm or
3 bales (l x w x h) = 240x120x70 cm
max. pressure hydraulic circuit 180 bar



Fred 3-4HD. We have expanded our delivery program with a heavy bale grab for the bulk of the work. Want to read more? Click here