Rambo 3

Product details
CategoryBig bales
Product groupGrabbing a row of big bales
NameRambo 3
Article numberMHRAMBO03

The Rambo 3 is designed to collect and load 3 big bales on a truck. The bales are picked up longitudinal. In total, 12 hooks pull the bales tight to the main frame. This gives a save way of working. For unloading trucks the Rambo 3 is also very good in use. 

2 hydraulic automatic valves enable the bales being grabbed one by one. The 3 bales are unloaded simultaneous. For each bale the Rambo has 1 cylinder and 4 hooks. 


Bale dimensions

  • app. 240 cm long
  • app. 120 cm wide  

The Rambo is also available for 6 big bales, supplied with a foldable main frame: Rambo 6K

Technical specification

width 290 cm
height 100 cm
weight 785 kg
volume hydraulic circuit app. 10 litre
max. load 3 bales (l x w x h) = 240x120x100 cm
max. pressure hydraulic circuit 180 bar



Fred 3-4HD. We have expanded our delivery program with a heavy bale grab for the bulk of the work. Want to read more? Click here