December 2016

Super Fred loads comfortable and fast


Since 1998 is Estate Scholtenzathe from the Netherlands active on the field. Today the company covers an area of approximately 1.000 hectares. The director of the modern and sustainable Estate, Frans Nevels, is pleased with the Super Fred. "The bale grab saves labor, which is essential for a company with this size.''

Siebe Vos has been working with the Super Fred on the Estate for 5 years. He is also satisfied with the performance of the Meijer Holland bale grab. "The Super Fred can load 3 big bales simultaneously on the side of the truck. That works comfortable and fast. The car is loaded quickly. Additionally, Meijer Holland has carefully considered where to mount the brackets. They are mounted on the right place."

Estate Scholtenzathe is satisfied with Meijer Holland: "They listen carefully to the wishes of the customers.''

Super Fred