September 2015

Hahnenhof-Pulheim in action with Fred 3-4


In the North of Köln lays the farm Hahnenhof. This estate has since long been a family owned farm and is situated in a natural forest area. The family farm Hahnenhof was until recently a cropping farm, typical for the Rhenish area with sugar beet, sunflower, oats and other cereals.

In 2004 they built a horse friendly stable from the idea "more space for horse dreams". They made the stables themselves according to a new concept, that has now become a standard and even has success worldwide. Currently there are about 80 horses in the new stables.

Next to these activities exists a division, which focuses on the pressing of round and square bales, mowing, spreading fertilizer and the maintenance of grasslands. The YouTube film shows how a mobile crane makes a pile of straw bales. For this purpose a Meijer Holland Fred 3-4 is attached to the crane.

Gamescon Hahnenhof

Building clamp