Jansen&Heuning Bulk Handling Systems is a company with headquarters in Groningen in the Netherlands that was founded in 1901. The company operates in the industrial and agricultural sector and is specialized in bulk handling systems and bale handling systems. The bulk handling systems include the transport systems for the storage and handling of bulk goods such as sand, grain and coal. In addition, pickup units for potatoes and onions are part of the assortment. The bale handling systems include the bale grabs and bale collectors. 

This website is about the bale handling systems, which are sold under the name of Meijer Holland. In 2011 JH took over the Dutch company Meijer Holland which has been known as a brand of Jansen&Heuning since then. Meijer Holland is specialized in different bale handling systems for straw, hay and silage bales.

Besides the sales in the domestic market in the Netherlands, Jansen&Heuning is exporting the bale handling systems in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia and Poland.

The products that are offered under the brand of Meijer Holland can be divided into two groups:

  • Bale grabs for big and small squared, all types of round and wrapped bales (14 types in total)
  • Bale collectors for big and small squared bales (3 types in total)

In addition to the different types of bales, the machines also vary in the number of bales that can be transported with each model and the way the bales are being grabbed.