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Dezember 2016

Super Fred carga cómodo y rápido


Desde 1998 es Estado Scholtenzathe de los Países Bajos activo en el campo. Hoy la empresa tiene una área de aproximadamente 1.000 hectáreas. El director del Estado moderno y sostenible, Frans Nevels, está contento con el Super Fred. "El cargador de fardos ahorra trabajo, lo cual es esencial para una empresa de este tamaño.''

Siebe Vos ha estado trabajando con el Super Fred en el Estado por 5 años. También está satisfecho con el rendimiento del cargador de fardos. "El Super Fred puede cargar 3 fardos grandes simultáneamente en el lado en el camión. Eso funciona cómodo y rápido. El camión se carga rápidamente. Además, Meijer Holland ha considerado cuidadosamente dónde montor los ganchos. Están montados en el lugar correcto."

Estado Scholtenzathe está satisfecho con Meijer Holland. "Ellos eschuchan atentamente los deseos de los clientes."

Super Fred



August 2019

Neue Limo Ballensammler und Meijer Ballengreifer für Lohnunternehmen Jan van Norel

 "Am Bilder der Limo Ballensammler und Meijer Ballenzange. Der neue Greifer greift die Ballen besser als die vorherige, die 15 Jahre alt war. Der Ballensammler ist auf vielen Punkten verbessert und funktioniert gut. Es gibt wenig Wartung und jeder kann mit das Gerät arbeiten, sowohl in Heu als auch Stroh. Wir sind super zufrieden"

Lohnunternehmen Jan van Norel, Doornspijk (NL)


September 2015

Hahnenhof-Pulheim in action with Fred 3-4


In the North of Köln lays the farm Hahnenhof. This estate has since long been a family owned farm and is situated in a natural forest area. The family farm Hahnenhof was until recently a cropping farm, typical for the Rhenish area with sugar beet, sunflower, oats and other cereals.

In 2004 they built a horse friendly stable from the idea "more space for horse dreams". They made the stables themselves according to a new concept, that has now become a standard and even has success worldwide. Currently there are about 80 horses in the new stables.

Next to these activities exists a division, which focuses on the pressing of round and square bales, mowing, spreading fertilizer and the maintenance of grasslands. The YouTube film shows how a mobile crane makes a pile of straw bales. For this purpose a Meijer Holland Fred 3-4 is attached to the crane.

Gamescon Hahnenhof

Building clamp

Juni 2019

Verkaufen Ihre Meijer Holland Maschinen über unsere Website

Haben Sie noch Meijer Holland Ballengreifer oder Ballensammler, die Sie gerne verkaufen möchten? Wir können Ihre gebrauchte Maschinen auf unserer Website promoten!

Fragen Sie uns nach der Bedingungen.

Das aktuelle Angebot gebrauchte Maschinen finden Sie hier.  


Mai 2019

NEU! Rambo 4D

- Sammelt 2 Reihen von 2 Ballen in der Breitenrichtung
- Mit festen Rahmen
- Breite: 4,5 m
- Gewicht: 1200 kg

Fred 3-4 & Rambo D: die perfekte Kombination!
Auf dem Feld: sammeln mit dem Rambo 4D oder 6KD
In der Lagerhalle: entladen mit dem Fred 3-4

Herstellung nach Kundenauftrag


November 2011

Agritechnica busy and effective


Lots of visitors at Agritechnica exhibition

Our boot at the Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover Germany is visited by lots of customers from all over the world.
Thousand of people watched our videos for shorter or longer time, many leaflets and business cards were taken. Even orders were received, which is not always the case or the purpose at an exhibition. The atmosphere is good, because of good pricing of the straw, increasing the interest for the innovative products of Meijer Holland.

April 2019

British bale merchant back to Meijer Holland

Over the past 30 years, Philip Pool of Wyse House Campsite bought a Fred 2-3, a Fred 3-4, a Jumbo CKM 3 and two Flintstones for his bale merchant. Now he came to Meijer Holland in Groningen to get information about the current Fred-series and the Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty in particular. 

Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty

The Fred went along for almost 30 years. He transported countles bales of hay and straw. Now the Fred bale grab of Philp Pool really needs to be replaced.

Philip Pool is from Malton, not far from York (UK). Wyse House Farm is one of the larger hay and straw traders in Yorkshire. Since 2002, he has specialized in supplying horse farms in his region. His biggest customer has no fewer than 300 horses. The Fred bale grab is therefore used intensively. Of course, some wear could not be avoided, specially where the parts are moving. The welding machines had to be used several times. That is why Pool bought the Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty: 

‘That the axles are replaceable is really a perfect idea. I never saw anything like that before. I think it is worth the money. We try one and see how it goes.’














De Fred 3-4 HD is available from June 2019

April 2019

Meijer Holland entwickelt einen neuen Ballengreifer für die großartige Arbeit! Der Fred 3-4 Heavy Duty

Meijer Holland hat sein Lieferprogramm erweitert mit einen schweren Ballengreifer für die großartige Arbeit. Es geht um den Fred 3-4HD. Einige Teile, die einem Verschleiß unterliegen, sind im Vergleich zum Standard Fred 3-4 verstärkt. Außerdem können die Verschleißteile leicht durch neue Ersatzteile ersetzt werden. Dadurch ist der Fred 3-4HD fertig für Zehntausende Ballen.

Der Fred 3-4HD ist eine Variante des häufig verwendeten Fred 3-4. Die Marktnachfrage hat zu dieser Heavy Duty-Version geführt. Mit dem Fred 3-4HD möchte Meijer Holland landwirtschaftliche Lohnunternehmer und Futterhändler erreichen, die mehr wollen als die aktuellen Ballengreifer auf dem Markt.

Was macht den Fred 3-4HD für Großanwender geeignet?

  • Austauschbare und schwerere Achse (mit Zinken)
  • Schwerere Zylinder
  • Verstärkte Zylinder befestigung (verschleißfest)
  • Verstärkte unteren Ecken
  • Demontierbare Stangen an der Seite des Greifers, um der obenste Balle zusätzlich zu stützen. Diese können auch zum Laden der Ballen eingefahren werden.




Januar 2019

"I can recommend the new model Jumbo CKM 3 to every agricultural contractor"

“Fifteen years ago we bought the first Jumbo CKM 3 and the Jumbo CKM 2 became part of the machine park three years ago. I can recommend the new model Jumbo CKM 3 to every agricultural contractor. The grab has thicker beams with thicker bolts through the beams. It is a solid grab. That is how it needs to be for an agricultural contractor, because employees race across the land fast. Previously, I did business with Tom Meijer, but since Meijer Holland is located in Groningen the collaboration is perfect as well (although I must say that I quicker admit than I would have liked when I do business with a women... ;) )"

Oege Dijkstra
Agricultural contractor Van der Beek Driezum (NL) 

Below the new model and the new model in action at Agricultural contractor Van der Beek. 


März 2018

Our further development of bale collector Limo Hydra

The Limo Hydra has been made for many years by Meijer Holland. The hydraulic bale collector collects 8 and 15 straw or hay bales. And despite the fact that the collector can be described as durable and reliable, it took quite some time to reach and hold that level. Meijer Holland continuously listens to its users and tests the equipment so frequently that the quality of the collector constantly increases. The points that have been addressed recently ensure, for example, that the interference will decrease further. Also in the future, we will continue to strive for the highest possible level. Are you a user or someone who is interested in the machine, please feel free to contact us. We would like to tell you what we have done to ensure that the Limo Hydra performs optimally. 


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